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Edmonton Expo 2015: Orlando Jones

Updated: May 23, 2020


Orlando Jones is the King of Shippers online, but in person he is so much better.

He is totally one of us!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 My mom covered for me at my artist alley table while I snuck away to meet Orlando Jones.

Now, I’ve had this idea for a "King of Fighters" parody art because to me Orlando Jones is the 'King of Shippers'—and Felicia Day is the 'Queen of Geeks'!—but there was no way I could get a finished piece ready before the convention.

  • One might ask, why do I think Orlando Jones is the 'King of Shippers'? Please see here, here, here, here, and here AND here for just the tip of THIS iceberg. <3

Instead I packed up one of each of my 8"x10" Destiel Logo prints to give to this amazing actor, as well as a small print to have him sign for me.

The line for Orlando Jones' autograph was confusing. For some reason, there was only ONE line for both Orlando Jones AND John Noble ( Eek! I'm not ready to face John Noble again! Nope, not at all. >.< ). One would have hoped that by the time the actors in question arrived that everything would have been sorted out, but no. When John Noble—Oh my God! I am not ready to make an ass of myself in front of John Noble! Not again!—arrived, the line still made NO sense. I think the line(s?) started to sort themselves out by the time Orlando Jones arrived and, as it turned out, I was first in line so YAY!! With that settled, I was sent up to the booth just as he was sitting down and the first thing I noticed was his sunglasses: they had big blue lenses and thin shiny frames which made me think steampunk. I liked them and I told him just that.

As he took them off he said, “Thanks. I got them for 8$ at an army surplus store—”

“REALLY?” a nearby volunteer suddenly exclaimed very loudly, the unexpected reaction got a laugh from everyone in earshot.


Meeting Orlando Jones… What’s the best way to put this… He wears his heart on his sleeve? When I spoke with him, I felt like I was talking to a real person instead of someone masking themselves with a professional veneer or a restrictive commercial persona. I was talking to him—his thoughts, his beliefs, his interests—and he listened to me as a person with outside interests, not just a fangirl.

He was just so genuine!

He was pure awesome!

I gave him both Destiel Logo prints, explaining that they were "Supernatural" fan art that I had drawn and how these were for him to keep. He freaking loved them. I don’t remember what he said exactly, but he studied the prints with genuine interest saying stuff like “Wow! This is so cool…” and “You drew these?”

Needles to say, it was really heartwarming. I’m so glad he liked them. <3

I then told him about my 'King of Shippers' idea and he was super stoked about it!

“Send it to me! When it’s done, I mean. Take your time. Don’t rush it. :)”

After promising not to cut corners, I then I handed him the smaller print for him to sign. He wasn’t sure what to write and asked me for suggestions, which caught me off guard and I drew a blank. Fortunately, not long after he asked me for ideas he was like “Oh! I got it!” and did what you will see once you finish reading this article. ;)




Before leaving I thanked him for having our backs, by which I meant having the backs of all Destiel fans, and he brushed it off like it was no problem or because it was the right thing to do or both. He held out his fist and so we fist bumped and, because this gesture had been ingrained into my muscle memory soon after watching "Big Hero 6", I unconsciously finished with the Baymax ‘Bah-la-la-la-la’ only to burst out laughing “Oh my God! You really ARE awesome!” because he had done the exact same thing without prompting. XD

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