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Calgary Expo 2015: Neil Patrick Harris Panel

Updated: May 15, 2020

Okay, this part of the day was a gong show, but it all worked out.

After getting my autograph from Satan, I joined my mother in the ludicrously long line up for an autograph from Neil Patrick Harris. He was only just announced as a guest yesterday morning and they specified that he would only be appearing for one day: Friday. Of course, his photo ops were sold out by 4pm that very day and his panel would have sold out just as quickly if tickets were required to attend. Needless to say, he was swamped. Though it was obvious he was flustered, going through the motions as he worked to get through this incredible line of fans, he was very cordial and his kindness showed through his rush. <3


Later that day I managed to catch the latter part of his panel and—OMG—he is SUNSHINE just like Felicia Day! <3 I’m going to jot down some of the stories he shared in point form here because my memory is terrible and I need to get this down before I forget:

  • He is a hardcore magician. He recounted how he first got into the trade, then listed his idols in great detail and concluded by explaining that he had actually purchased a lot of props and tools from one of his aforementioned idols ( the one that now runs a magic shop ) and that one of those props was a life size haunted phone booth ( he had the thing shipped and it now resides in his house ). “No. Really. It’s in my house. That’s how much I love magic!”

  • He was very eloquent when he explained his preference for live theatre over film and television. He explained that it was because his audience was tangible, that he could connect directly with them. That connection could be relived night after night and with every performance he manipulates the energy in the room just... like.... The crowd went quite when he trailed off, hand raised dramatically. “See, just like that!” XD He also praised the dancers in musical theatre, calling them athletes who perform amazing feats night after night for years and are paid so little. He is so very right to do so. <3

  • He and his husband, David, are huge fans of "American Horror Story". Again, he was very eloquent in describing why they liked the show: “An anthology of horror stories that are dark, intricate, really f**ked up and scary." XD They were offered part in season 1, but Neil turned it down because he and David had just finished shooting "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" in which they portrayed a bitter and argumentative couple and Neil didn’t want to portray that same negative stereotype twice in a row. However, he felt bad for making that judgment call because David doesn’t get nearly as many opportunities as he does. When he found out that the season 4 theme was 'Freak Show’, he was ecstatic because that's “totally in my wheel house!”. He likes circuses and carnivals. He does magic and juggles and... “I sword swallow,” he said seriously, before cheekily raising a brow that said ‘yeah, I went there.’ XD So he asked the powers that be if he and David could have roles in season 4 and they were well received. Yay! :D

  • At the very end of the panel he explained to the audience that he had come on such short notice that he didn’t have a chance to say good night to his children the night before, so throughout the day he'd been making videos to keep them updated on what he was doing. He then asked the audience to participate in one of those videos ( Like anyone there was going to say no. XD ). So after a barely heard message to his children ( which sounded so sweet ), he raised his phone and recorded the cheering crowd. After the first sweep he joked “Do a wave!” and laughed when the crowd delivered.

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