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Calgary Expo 2015: Neil Patrick Harris Autograph Session

Updated: May 15, 2020

The funniest thing that happened at Expo happened while in line for Neil Patrick Harris's autograph.

My mom had saved us a spot in the line while my dad and I nabbed a couple other autographs ( I forget whose, exactly. ^^;; ). I was the first one to rejoin my mom, whom I found steadily going crazy being crowded by geeks. My dad tried to join us later but couldn't quite find us in the vast sea of people that was the lineup. I tried texting him directions, but a few minutes later he was still lost. My mom's patience, having already been stretched thin, soon ran out and she set off to find him while I took over her place in line.

A little later, after sending my latest text inquiring about a 'status update', I looked up to find my mom standing at the start of the Neil Patrick Harris autograph line, looking hopelessly for my dad. At the same time I spot my dad at exit of the neighboring celeb’s autograph line, which happened to place him RIGHT BESIDE HER, looking for us just as hopelessly. I was yelling and waving but it literally took them a few minutes to realize that the other was right there!

When they finally joined me, the person next to me in line was like “Wait... That's who she was looking for? But he was...”

I laughed. "Yup!”

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