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Calgary Expo 2015: Merrin Dungey

Updated: May 15, 2020

Sadly, Merrin Dungey wasn’t very busy as I passed by today, so I stopped by to say hello. She was awesome!

She introduced herself, which surprised me because the general presumption at conventions is that the people who come to meet the actor know of the actor. I thought it was super nice of her, so I introduced myself in turn. It felt like a casual and comfortable conversation. I asked her her if she was having a good weekend—which she totally was—and then I told her how I loved her panel yesterday.

( In my experience, a person doesn’t usually get to hear the positive feedback, only the negative feedback which I think is not only unhelpful but also completely unfair. That's I try to provide positive feed back whenever I can. <3 )

I asked her what other roles she had had before "Once Upon a Time". She modestly answered that she'd been an extra in lots of shows like "Alias" and "Malcom in the Middle". I was like, “Cool! I'll have to rewatch those shows. I love rewatching shows and suddenly recognizing more and more people.” As an example, I explained my reaction whenever I see Mark Pellegrino in shows other than "Supernatural"SATAN!—which got a laugh.

I then asked her what show she would like to be cast in at the moment and her answer was, without hesitation, ’True Blood’, but it's over.”



That was about when more people finally started to line up to meet this awesome woman, so we said “Nice to meet you!” and parted ways.


EDIT [2020/05/15]: As I'm reformatting this post for the umpteenth time ( stupid Wix, discontinuing original blog app for new blog app... ) and I'm adding links to make it all shiny and fancy... Anywho, I only JUST noticed that she played Sharon Jeffords in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"!!! Oh my God! I met Terry's wife! I met the sarge's wife!!

<3 <3 <3

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