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Calgary Expo 2015: Matt Ryan and Harold Perrineau (THE SEQUEL)

Updated: May 16, 2020

The first thing I did today was line up to get John Constantine’s autograph! Matt Ryan and Harold Perrineau arrived at about the same time and, before they settled in to get started, Harold came over to give Matt a big hug! Boy, Harold wasn’t kidding during the "Constantine" panel. He really is a hugger. XD Again, Matt was so sweet! He addressed me by name, like it was natural not like he was reading it off the post-it note ( which, of course, he was ).

After getting his autograph, I got to ask him if he got to meet any of the other celebrities at the convention. He said that there's a green room so, yeah, he did get to meet people and it was cool. I told him that a lot of celebrities from past Expos got to meet their idols during the convention and I used William Shatner as an example. He said he'd LOVE to meet Shatner but he doesn’t expect to. Because he had mentioned twitter during the "Constantine" panel, I told him, “Apparently twitter is also a good place to meet your fellow celebs. That's how Misha Collins met William Shatner, or at least part of it. I was following both their accounts and suddenly their names were on each other's accounts. Hang in there! Keep doing cons, keep tweeting and you’ll get to meet him.”

After that I got myself another picture with him. <3

BTW: He liked my ‘Hey Ass-Butt!’ shirt. :D


Later I attended Harold Perrineau’s solo panel with my mom. I had no idea that he had been in so many shows and films I liked. The only ones I knew of going into the panel were "Lost" and "Constantine". As we waited for the panel to start, my Mom and I looked him up on and I was like ”He was the paranoid cop in "The Unusuals"?!! I loved that guy!”.

I’m going to jot down some of the stories he shared in point form here because my memory is terrible and I need to get this down before I forget:

  • Turns out he was Mercutio in "Romeo + Juliet". ( In my defense, I really really don’t like that movie. NTO because of the acting and NOT because of the concept, personally I was super stoked about those things going into the film, but the end result disappointed me because I found that it just came across as silly. -_-;; ) Harold said that Baz Luhrmann wanted to bring the Shakespearean play to younger audience while keeping original dialogue. So he tried to pair the classic dialogue with modern speech patterns which—as I mentioned in my above disclaimer—was an awesome idea. Unfortunately, for example, a pair of characters would recite the original dialogue using the "Beavis and Butthead" speech patterns. ^^;;

  • Harold auditioned for the film "Romeo + Juliet" 6 times. Wow. Just... Wow. In his last audition, the director was following him around with a camera until Harold ended up on his back with the director looming over him going “Keep it up, Harold! Keep it up!”. It was awkward, to put it mildly. XD

  • Soon the questions turned to his time on "Lost". Apparently the actors were given vague scripts in advance and were only given the actual details once they arrived on set. His example was the scene where Michael, his son and Sawyer were on a raft in middle of ocean. Arriving on set, they were told that they get attacked—“Oh, so there are other people out there with us, cool.”—and that they then get thrown into the water. Upon learning the latter, Harold was like “Uh, guys... I can’t swim.” and then everyone was like “Whaaa? He can’t swim?!” So the fear we saw in that sequence wasn’t acting, it was real! He was literally afraid that he was going to drown, even with the top notch aquatic safety team there. XD

  • Harold was asked, “What are you watching now?” He thought about it, then said “I watch a lot of "Dora the Explorer" and "Doc McStuffins" he laughed, everyone laughed. “Yeah, I don’t get to watch much stuff for myself, so every once in a while I catch WWE or something to fill my quota of dude shows.”

  • Harold’s character narrated the show "Oz" so he thought that his character would be immune to getting killed off. Unfortunately, he was going back and forth between filming "Oz" in L.A. and "The Matrix Reloaded" in Australia and in the end it just wasn’t working “ they kindly killed me off.” XD

  • ”What were your feelings for your character on "Lost"?” Harold said that he felt bad for Michael, because he does absolutely nothing wrong but keeps getting screwed. As he explained this in detail, I finally realized that Michael committing murder hadn't come out of nowhere. ^_^;; Harold concluded by saying, that by the time Michael gets to the point where he has to kill for his son, it’s like my dad in a line up: “I’ve waited so long, it’s no longer about what’s at the end of the line. It’s about sticking it out so my time in line isn’t wasted!”

  • ”In your career, were you ever star struck?” He mulled it over aloud, mentioning that he had been star struck when he worked with Anthony Hopkins, Harvey Keitel and William Hurt in "Smoke". Apparently he and some of the other actors were—in hindsight—doing silly things to get their attention. But by the time he got to films with DiCaprio [ "Romeo + Juliet" ] he was experienced enough to be professional. HOWEVER, when he met Apollo Creed [ Carl Weathers ] here at the convention this weekend... “...I fangirled! Not fanboyed, I fanGIRLED!”

  • Harold said that the 'behind the scenes' of "Lost" paralleled the plot of the show: the actors are all stuck on a set NOT knowing what's gonna happen. XD

  • I actually got to ask him a question! OMG! ( PRO TIP: If you wear the ‘Hey Ass-Butt!’ t-shirt, you get attention. ;) ) Emily Expo: Yes, ‘Hey Ass-Butt’! Harold: *laughs* Me: I like this shirt. It gets a lot of attention. XD Me: Do you have any stories about your time on "the Unusuals"? I was really sad when it was cancelled. Harold: It was fun! Harold: I played a paranoid cop and my partner, Adam Goldberg, was a cowboy. In real life we were the total opposites of the characters we played. I didn’t need to do research, I just studied Adam Goldberg when he was out of character. XD Me: Did Adam do the same with you? Harold: Sometimes. At the time I was learning Jiu Jitsu and had just bought a motorcycle so he thought i had a death wish but no. I just really like motorcycles. And going fast. XD

  • Harold fancied himself a super hero growing up, but he also really thought about his place in heavenhow to get into heavenhaving been raised very Christian. So when he got the role on "Constantine" as an angel, he was like “Perfect!” and that the angel had questionable morals, he was like “Even better!” because angels. They're awesome but they aren’t all sugar, ya know. XD

  • When he was told that he was going to be in "the Matrix Reloaded" he didn’t get a script right away. He got very excited about doing Kung Fu and Flying despite not having the details of his role, so much so that he spent the time leading up to filming getting fit, getting ready to kick butt. But when he arrived they told him “You’re a natural born, you never jack in and you basically sit here the whole time.” To say that he was disappointed would be a huge understatement, poor guy.

  • During the filming of "The Matrix: Reloaded", he liked to chuckle and say “I’m on the Neberkenezer.” in a silly voice then burst into a fit of laughter. The Director would be like, “Cut! That's not the line and you know it!” XD

  • Apparently the Wachowski brothers are hardcore perfectionists. All of Harold’s scenes took three months to shoot but when the brothers reviewed the film they weren’t satisfied, so they scrapped the footage and started over. That’s how a three month shoot turned into seven. O.O

  • When he was cast on "Sons of Anarchy" he was warned to not be judgmental when he got the script. He was like “I was on an island, I was in a prison... What could they possibly write—” then he read the FIRST scene, “Oh god... I kill somebody's daughter... Oh god... Fire... Oh god, oh god...” Poor guy. ^^;;

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