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Calgary Expo 2015: Matt Ryan and Harold Perrineau

Updated: May 16, 2020

My first photo op today was with John Constantine. When I arrived, Matt Ryan's line was woefully short, reminiscent of my Gareth David Lloyd Photo Op forever ago. I’m not sure if there was more to the line before I got there, but I really hope there was because he’s worth it. <3

He was very much like Ming-Na Wen: despite the wranglers rushing everyone through—Pose, flash, next! Pose, flash, next!—Matt was relaxed and unhurried. My photo with him basically went like this:

Matt: Hi! What’s your name?

Me: Cassandra. :)

Both of Us: Nice to meet you!

*flash goes off*

Me: Have a good weekend!

Matt: *taken aback* Thanks, you too!

He was so sweet!



Later I attended the "Constantine" panel featuring Matt Ryan and Harold Perrineau.

I’m going to jot down some of the stories he shared in point form here because my memory is terrible and I need to get this down before I forget:

  • Before Matt went to audition, he wasn’t familiar with the original comic. He did know that a friend of his, who owns a comic book related company, LOVED Hellblazer. So he reached out and said friend sat him down, a serious look on his face, and started “So this is how it goes.” This had Matt getting very nervous. “Wow. S**t. Lots of pressure.”

  • He was working in a live stage production of a Shakespearean play when he finally auditioned for "Constantine". Which was why he arrived sporting long hair and a big bushy beard that had the casting crew going ‘WTF?’. XD

  • The first time he worked with Matt on the show, Harold felt like they were 'magical gunslingers'. He saw the relationship between John Constantine and Manny to be as 'uneasy allies'.

  • The scene where Matt is dancing naked while covered in blood took a whole day! Yup, that's right. He spent a whole day in only a thong, covered in sticky fake blood and getting some accidental wax jobs after sitting down. *sits, fake blood dries* *stands* RIPPPPPP!!!

  • When they were asked how they reacted to their first con experience for "Constantine", which was at San Diego Comic Con, this was Harold's response: “Pfft! I’m a veteran after doing "Lost". But If I were Matt, I’d be freaked out because there were literally thousands of people dressed like him, like Constantine. Not just guys but girls too. They were tall and short, young and old, black and white. Half were screaming because they’re Constantine fans, half because his picture covered half the wall.” XD

  • The actors found out about the rumors regarding the show being cancelled—Which it’s not, the show is currently in limbo so there’s hope yet!*—in different and interesting ways. Matt imitated his UK agent when she called to say “Dahling! There’s a nasty rumor going around but don’t worry, its total BS...”. Harold got a call from ( I forget from who, sorry ^^;; ) who was, apparently, quite loud. “OMG it’s cancelled! I read it on the internet so it's true!!” XD

  • Matt had never used twitter until being cast as Constantine. Apparently, after getting the role he was told “You have to have a twitter. You have to!”.

  • Matt had been good friends with the actor who played Gary Lester, Jonjo O’Neil, long before the show. They had both worked in the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as dabbled in musical collaborations. So when they were doing the photographs for John’s ‘punk phase’, they wanted to get the band together for a punk flashback. <3​

  • Harold was asked about his role in "Oz". “It's crazy! People dying in all these different ways, peeing on each other— It was crazy!” When he first saw the show on a big screen he was like, “Oh no! I’m never getting another acting job again!” but then he saw it on a TV screen and he was like “Oh. Right. It’s made for TV. Right. It’s all good. I meant to do all that.”

  • Matt was asked about his work on "Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag" and he said that he was very amused by the green screen and motion capture. He'd given a stick with dots and then be told “That’s your sword.” then later he’d be told “Now it’s your gun.”. XD

  • Before shooting the pilot for "Constantine", Matt was given specific comics to read as prep. “You have to read that one and that one.”

  • Someone asked “If you were in "Toy Story", which character would you be?”. “What?” Harold laughed, “Well, I’m a hugger so.... Lotsa? Yeah, I’d be Lotsa. I like him.” Matt mulled it over, “Buzz Lightyear, I think. I like how he truly believes he can fly when when he couldn’t, but eventually found a way. Yeah, Buzz Lightyear.”

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