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Calgary Expo 2015: Mark Pellegrino

Updated: May 23, 2020

I started the day by meeting SATAN! I lined up to get an autographed photo from Mark Pellegrino and to sign the playing card by Ravenno with his likeness ( mission accomplished ):

My Dad was in the neighboring line for Carl Weathers but, as he had time, he quickly joined me to ask Mark Pellegrino a question, "Was it a career goal to have a lot of ladies go 'OMG it's Satan!’?”

Mark replied, “No but it's become one.

XD ( For context, both my dad and my mom have not only watched the first five seasons of "Supernatural"with me but have also witnessed my having that exact reaction to seeing Mark Pellegrino appear in other shows many, many times.

( Also, my dad had just seen a couple girls have that reaction just by walking by Mark Pellegrino's booth. XP )


Next I attended his panel and, OMG, if all the SPN cast members are like him—and I’ve heard they are—then I really need to go to a SPN con. <3

I’m going to jot down some of the stories he shared in point form here because my memory is terrible and I need to get this down before I forget:

  • He worked as an extra on "Doogie Howser M.D.". More specifically, an extra whom Doogie Howser struck in the groin with a pool cue. ( I really wish I tried to bring this up during Neil Patrick Harris's panel. XD )

  • He knows about fan fiction. He knows. Adam/Luci, to be specific. Which I didn’t know was a thing until just then, though—knowing the fandom—I probably shouldn’t have been surprised. ^^;; He then proceeded to regal us with tales of J2 ( fandom shorthand for lead actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki ) getting explicit pornographic Wincest fan art as gifts. The moderator joked, “One guy back there is like ‘Oh shit!’…” and mimed stuffing a paper into his jacket. Mark jumped in, “’Oh shit, I had a Luci/Adam art for Mark!’” and also mimed frantically stuffing the picture away in his own jacket. XD

  • He was asked “Do you think Lucifer is a good guy or a bad guy?” because the person asking writes fan fiction with Lucifer as a good guy and apparently gets hate for it ( damn trolls! ). He puzzled out the answer aloud, “Is Lucifer good? Well, it's a revenge story…” until he finally concluded, “You’re right and your friends are wrong.” <3

  • He had the next fan come up on stage to ask next question, which was "What happened to Nick after Lucifer was trapped in the cage?”. Mark was clearly confused and joked/confessed, “I haven’t watched the show.” Once he got the gist of the question he decided, “Nick was rescued and is recovering in a monastery. The guys need to find him to remove mark of Cain. Does that work?”

  • He was asked, “If you were a tree, what kind would you be?” He laughed, we all did. "I love questions like these!” After a serious discussion with the moderator about various genus of trees and their diverse traits, he asked, “If I acted it out, would you know which tree I was?” And—OMG—he acted out his tree then asked the crowd if they knew what kind he was. He said he had a specific one in mind… Which was immediately forgotten when he heard a fan shout “PELLETREENO!” “PelleTREEno! Fantastic! Who said that? Get up here!” He had the fan come up on stage and hugged them. <3

  • There was a question that was followed by an awkward pause because Mark hadn’t realized that was all there was to the question. “I thought there would be an ‘…or kick Mark Sheppard's ass?’” After answering the question seriously, he joked, “Seems the fans are clamoring for Lucifer to return and take care of the mark— well, both marks. Mark of Cain and Mark Sheppard.” XD

  • Later on, there was a question he felt he hadn’t answered as thoroughly as he had the others so he added, “I never met an actor like Jared who”—the crowd cheered—”I haven’t said anything yet! An actor like Jared who is utterly unafraid to fart in public.” XD

  • I don’t remember how it came up, but Mark started talking about the theater game ‘I haven’t smiled or laughed for seven long years’. The moderator challenged him and Mark couldn’t even start the game, he was laughing too hard. It took a good long while before he calmed down enough to put on a poker face, got up real close to the moderator and begin the game: Moderator: I haven’t smiled or laughed for seven long years. Mark: *dramatic pause* I haven’t— *laughs* I shouldn’t have paused for so long!

  • When asked what his favorite part of filming "Supernatural" was, he said, “Remember that bullhorn I had when Sam was crazy? I would use bullhorn on Jared between takes. The speakers would pick it up and there would be terrible feedback—” then he laughed, recalling a question from earlier. ”Maybe that’s why they don’t prank me!”

  • A fan asked him that, if he wasn’t Lucifer, which character would he be on "Supernatural"? He asked them what they thought and… That very fan actually said, “I don’t know… One of the characters who die in the first five minutes?” He was appalled, and rightfully so, demanding what it was about him that make them think he was 'a red shirt'. “I thought I graduated from that after 'Doogie Howser'.”

  • This. This was brilliant. I’m going to recount this in cellular texting format: Person: My friend loves you. Mark: And you don’t? Person: No. *passes mike to aforementioned friend* Mark: …what just happened? Moderator: Are you his hype man? Mark: That’s it! That’s totally it! XD Fan: Do you approve of Sammifer? Mark: What? Fan: You know, a [romantic/sexual] relationship between Sam and Lucifer… Mark: …I approve of anything that comes from the imagination. :) Fan: So you approve of the art? Mark: I’ve never seen the art— Fan: Don' lie to me. Mark: Whoa! Really, I haven’t. Fan: Then you’d better get on that. I’m not usually comfortable with fans asking specific questions about fan art and fan fiction but this… This was hilarious. XD

  • Who would win in a fight? Lucifer or Crowley? Instead of answering, Mark asked the fan who asked who they thought would win ( you’d think that Mark had just learned NOT to do that, but no. XD ). They said it’d be a TIE. Again, Mark was appalled. “Why do you think Crowley stands a chance against Lucifer, an archangel?” “Because he’s the King of Hell.” I muttered, “Only because Luci wasn’t there.” Mark finally responded, after some help from the audience, in a stereotypical valley girl manner, “and I’m the Prince of Darkness!” *snap snap*


Just after the panel I had a photo op with the Prince of Darkness. Unfortunately I was flustered and our interaction went like this: Me: Hi, how are you? Mark: Good, how are you? Me: Great, how are you— *internal face palm*

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