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Edmonton Expo 2015: John Noble

Updated: May 28, 2020


John Noble was more huggable than I remembered!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I say 'remembered' because I first met him in— Oh my goodness, I just realized that I had NEVER written that story before. Okay, here's a little prologue for you guys.

I first met John Noble way back in 2012, at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. At the time I had NO idea who he was. I had only lined up to get his autograph at the request of my best friend, Sailor Shipper, who loved him as Walter Bishop in the television series "Fringe".

Man, this was so long ago. Um... I vaguely remember that my youngest sister was in line with me. I'm pretty sure that we were worried about how we'd come across seeing as we didn't know who he was exactly. I think one of the fans in line with us had overheard our concerns and kindly reassured us that they had met the actor before and that he was a sweetheart. Even with the heads up, we were completely blown away when we met him because not only was he exactly as the fan had described but also SO MUCH MORE! I don't remember what he said or did specifically, all I remember is that we were completely floored by how AWESOME he was and how that event had left such a profound impression on us that lasted for years! Man, do I regret not having written this out sooner. Curse my crap memory!


Back in the present day, Saturday to be precise, my dad and I had briefly left my artist alley table in my mom's capable hands so that we could meet John Noble. I was dressed as Amethyst from "Steven Universe", so I was feeling more nervous and self-conscious than normal—because purple, purple and MORE purple!—but the volunteer manning his booth recognized my cosplay right away which was a HUGE boost to my spirits!

( I really needed that boost because, earlier, I had been mistaken for both Fear and Sadness from "Inside Out". What the Hell, right? Amethyst looks NOTHING like Fear, but at least he's purple which is more then I can say for Sadness who's BLUE for crying out loud! I mean... Sadness? What the Hell?! )

Unfortunately, somewhere along on our way my dad and I had misplaced a bill ( I’m referring to currency here ) so when it was finally our turn to approach the volunteer in charge of handling payments, we were short. -_-;;

I thank John Noble, as well as his Expo volunteer and his agent, for their patience and understanding. <3

Thank GOODNESS that they were super, duper nice about it! They kindly allowed me step aside, allowing the line to progress, while my awesome dad hurried to the nearest ATM and hurried back. Thank you so much, dad! <3

FINALLY I got to give John Noble an 8x10 print of my Nendoroid Walter Bishop print ( coming soon to the internets ) except that he was a little distracted by how purple I was ( as I had anticipated. ^^;; ). Clearly he didn’t expect to see such an 'outfit’, but he liked it nevertheless. When he did eventually accept my gift, he seemed a little confused about what it was exactly ( how embarrassing >.< ). So I made sure to explain that it was a drawing I did of him as Walter Bishop in the style of an existing series of collectible figures by the Good Smile Company. I also went on to explain how I planned on adding more elements to the illustration and turn it into a play set: alternate face plates, helmet with all the wires, Twizzlers, milkshake, Gene the cow and an ‘Astrid not included’ sticker ( also coming soon to the internets ). I do hope that I made some sense because I was definitely NOT as articulate as I am here. ^^;; But I do know for certain that he, at least, recognized that it was Walter Bishop fan art and accepted the print happily. He thanked me for the gift and signed a smaller version for me.

I was on a fangirl high as my dad and I made our way back to my table, through the sea of amazing cosplays that lay between us and artist alley. I shooed my dad ahead so I could take my time and to take lots and lots of pictures of said cosplays. I was so thoroughly distracted by all of the afterglow of meeting John Noble and all of the shiny cosplays that it never occurred to me to pass off my precious signed print to my dad for safe keeping ( which would have been the smart thing to do seeing as I had no purse and no pockets to keep it in ). Alas, I held on to the print while I navigated a bustling crowd in order to take photos of pretty costumes and it was during one of the many mad shuffles to fit everyone into the frame that I...​ ...LOST my signed print.

*corner of woe*

[[ To whoever it was who accidentally pocketed the aforementioned print, please contact me! <3 ]]

[[ Also, you’re welcome, I guess. ^^;; ]]

I was SO freaking embarrassed and deeply ashamed of myself.

Seriously, unless you have personally experienced severe depression and social anxiety then you can’t even come close to imagining just how humiliated I felt. How the feeling far exceeded rational levels, a fact that I was all too aware of and in so knowing only fueled my embarrassment to even higher degrees of irrational. I struggled with this WELL into Sunday, until I was finally able to gather just enough courage to return to John Noble’s booth and ask for a replacement signature.

I was dressed as Castiel that day, so I had to explain to the volunteer how I was the Amethyst cosplayer from the day before, the one who had to wait aside while her dad ran to an ATM. I even flashed nails, which were still painted purple, as I continued on about how I was super embarrassed to admit that I had lost the signed print and then finally asked if it was possible fore me to get a replacement.

AGAIN, I thank John Noble, as well as his Expo volunteer and his agent, for their patience and understanding. <3

Though the volunteer did recognize me—and my print—he quickly checked with the agent if it would be okay and IT WAS ( Hallelujah! ). But I couldn't stop rambling on and on about how I was super humiliated that I lost the print so quick and how I should have known better since my Amethyst costume didn’t have any pockets then how I’ve come back totally prepared with not only tons of pockets but also a protective sleeve and a bag with a handle... Rambling: the shittiest, yet most common, of natural kneejerk reactions to stressful situations among the depressed, socially anxious and folks with low self-esteem in general.


Anyway, it was all good so I was once again face to face with John Noble. I babbled the same spiel I had just babbled to the volunteer and agent... I honestly don’t know what exactly it was that I said and I’m not too sure if he understood but I didn’t scare him and he was very kind so... count that as a win?


*shame spiral followed by epic face plant*


*then fangirls over signed print*

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