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Convention Adventures: How I Met Misha Collins (Twice)

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Any and all quotes are paraphrased, because this story started a year ago and my memory is crap. ^^;;


October 17, 2012 I didn't have any plans to attend any geek conventions for the rest of the year as I was flat broke. So it was just another day for me, relaxing at home, when I suddenly I received an e-mail from my I.R.L. yaoi friend with the following subject line:

"we must gooooooooooooooooo‏"

Not only was I aware that the nearby Edmonton Expo was fast approaching, but I also happened to know that my current idol was presently shooting the next season of "Supernatural" in a province just next door to my own. So when that subject line popped up in my inbox, under my friends name, my mind INSTANTLY connected those two facts ( against my better judgment ). “No… She can’t mean…” I open the e-mail and, lo and behold, Misha Collins had been officially announced as a guest for the 2012 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo just 3 days before the event was to take place. I spent the rest of that day moping around because this was ( Bearing in mind that this was BEFORE geek conventions became mainstream. ) quite probably the only opportunity I would ever have to meet my hero in person and here I was: dead broke, no drivers license, and no place to stay in Edmonton. Needless to say, I was very depressed. The next day, October 18, 2012, I was on the couch doodling in my sketch when my mom sat down next to me and said, “You know. You could go if you budget the trip right… Also I’m willing to drive you if you wanted.” I gawked at her, “Okay, so where’s the shoulder angel? Let me guess, they’ll never find the body.”

But quip aside, I caved in rather quickly ( Shocking! I know. :P ) and my I.R.L. yaoi friend soon followed suit. We were going to Edmonton Expo! However, my friend had to work on Friday ( October 19, 2012 ) which meant that we had to leave for the city of Edmonton AFTER her shift ended: the night before the convention! But everything worked out! In fact, my friend was so bored at work that day that she ended up making us matching t-shirts to wear at the convention ( she worked in screen printing, by the way ). So once she clocked out, we were off to Edmonton Expo with bonus t-shirts! XD


October 20 and 21, 2012

If my mom hadn’t known about Destiel before the convention, she most certainly did after THAT weekend ( XD ). And what a glorious weekend it was!

  • I got my shirt autographed ( the one my friend had made for me ). -> Apparently we were the first ones to present him with a ‘I heart Misha Collins’ shirt. -> He signed my friend's shirt ‘So do I, Adrienne! –Misha Collins’ with an arrow pointing to the aforementioned graphic. -> When we told him the name of our town he teased ‘There’s no way a town has THAT name!’.

  • I got to attend his panel which was amazing! Even though it was full of spoilers, I had only watched up to season 4 of "Supernatural" at the time. ^^;; -> You can find my recording of the panel here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

  • I got my picture with him:

Thank you so much, mom, for your support! Without you, NONE of this would have been possible. <3

However, you now know too much and must be dealt with.



March 12, 2013 I was preparing for a family trip to Calgary Expo ( Woot! Geek family, for the win! ), for which I was already super psyched about because I was going to meet Jack and Ianto (JANTO!) from Torchwood, when Misha Collins ( along with bonus Mark Sheppard ) was announced for that very event! So OF COURSE I saw him again! I was already going, after all. ;)


April 27, 2013

  • I attended his panel again despite STILL being far behind ( I think, at this point, I was caught up to season 5 of "Supernatural" and season 8 was currently airing. ) and it was totally worth it!

  • I got another picture with him, this time with a plain shirt:

  • I got his autograph for my friend, Shipper.

  • My IRL yaoi friend and I gave him two postcards. -> The first featured a prominent landmark from my hometown, on the back of which we wrote: To Misha Collins. Yes. It's a real town. BORING but real. :D From *redacted*

->The second postcard featured a map of my home province with each town marked with their landmarks. Despite having a long line up, he took his time reading all of the town names on the map postcard. It seemed like 10 minutes but was probably much less than that ( I'm not a good judge of time passing ). I felt really bad for inadvertently holding up the line, but it was adorable and hilarious. When my friend accidentally called Fort McMurray 'Fort Mac', Misha Collins was confused as he tried to find it on the map... "Do you mean Fort McMurray- HEY! NO SLANG!" He’s amazing.

  • As the day was drawing to a close, that was when it occurred to me that I should get my sock monkey keychain signed! So I went back ( Talk about cutting it close. XD ). I told him how my parents had given me the keychain for Christmas because they knew that I liked Misha Collins on "Supernatural" and that his twitter icon ( at the time ) featured him wearing a sock monkey hat... Hence the sock monkey. ^^;; He looked the monkey over for a place to sign. "I want to get this right." “There! A moustache!”


And that's how I got to meet Misha Collins twice in less than a year. <3

THE END ( for now )

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