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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2014: Felicia Day Autograph

Updated: May 23, 2020

When I met Felicia Day I was wearing my Castiel cosplay and upon seeing me she said, "You're like a tumblr Castiel!" I figured she was referring to how I'm not at all masculine looking—and I don't try to because cosplay is complicated enough for an amateur such as myself—so I responded by saying "Kawaii desu?" while doing the peace sign gesture. She laughed, "Yes, exactly!" So first I had Felicia sign a photo of her in the role of Codex from "the Guild" for my friend Sailor Shipper. Felicia was delightfully cheerful as she wrote down Shipper's name as I spelled it out for her aloud. Adorable! Then I had her sign a print of my artwork ( which you can find below ) for myself and she was like, "Oh my god... What is this?!" "It's Charlie playing 'the Game' and using Codex as her Avatar." I answered, beyond ecstatic by her reaction to my work, before doing what I always do and gifting her a copy of the same print. "This is amazing! It's so going into my collection of fan art so I can look at it in the future and go 'Oh yeah, I was something!'" I don't know how I maintained my composure because by that point I was BEYOND squeeing with fangirl delight on the inside, but I held it together and had her sign the Charlie playing card from Ravenno's amazing Supernatural playing card deck. As I was explaining what it was ( a playing card from a complete deck by an amazing artist who is NOT me because I'm a ALL about giving credit where credit is due ) but she beat me to the punch when she excitedly cut me off, "Wait. So there's more of these?! Who did these?!" I happily told her, "They're by an artist that goes by Ravenno, but don't tell her I tattled." "Oh, don't you worry. I don't mind people using my face as long as I get a copy." *hinthint* Long story short, she was ABSOLUTELY lovely! Her autograph line ups were so long because she takes her time with each individual person ( much like what I just transcribed for you here ) and it was absolutely worth the Crowley-esque line up. I guarantee it. <3

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