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Artwork Genesis: "Hellboy Meets Castiel"

Happy ( Belated ) Birthday Ravenno!

March 13th was Ravenno’s birthday and here is her belated gift ( sorry for the low quality scan, but I was excited and in a hurry ).

I wanted to draw chibis for her birthday. I knew she liked “Supernatural”, but it’s a super popular show with tons of awesome fan art ( including all of hers ). So I asked her what other fandoms she’s in, maybe fandoms that need more fan art. She replied, “‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Hellboy’”.

I’ve been meaning to watch “Doctor Who” for a long time. In fact, I got season 1 for Christmas years ago only… my mom got me the region 2 dvd set and we’ve never had luck with region-free players. So I was hesitant to draw “Doctor Who” because of my lack of knowledge of the series ( I have seen all of “Torchwood”, though. Love Janto! I’m weird, I watch the spin off but not the original. Go figure. ).

For “Hellboy”, I’ve only seen the movies and loved them to bits but I’ve never read the comics. So I was hesitant about this fandom as well. I recalled that the first movie opened with baby Hellboy, who I think is adorable. Soon I recalled that Hellboy likes cats and eventually made the connection that, according to tumblr, Castiel also likes cats ( I’m only on season 5 of SPN, but I am ridiculously obsessed and know too much because I got into this fandom ass backwards thanks to tumblr… But that’s a story for another day. I’m so weird. ).

Eureka! Chibi Castiel bonding with Baby Hellboy over a cat!

So I drew and drew and drew. When I showed my mom a W.I.P. she asked me, “What’s that?”

“What? Baby Hellboy?”


“You haven’t seen the movie?” I asked, because she doesn’t read comics.

“…I don’t remember.”

So we watched the first movie right away and as soon as it was done she asked if we could watch the second one the next day and we did. When we finished, she asked if there was a third one ( she wants to see Hellboy’s babies ) and I became depressed because, unless I missed something, there isn’t.

As you can tell, I had a blast with your present, Ravenno. :)

So... Happy Birthday, Ravenno! Hope it was awesome! <3


[2013/12/20] UPDATE:

The origin story of Hellboy's love of cats: Castiel.

"Did you know that a cat's penis is sharply barbed along its shaft? I know for a fact the females were not consulted about that."

Yes, Castiel is responsible for Hellboy's love of cats.

NO, it wasn't this quote that converted Hellboy to cats.

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