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Artwork Genesis: "A Whole New World For My Life To Begin"

Updated: May 26, 2020

I run a weekly table at the local market. These two precious girls approached me, inquiring about my art commissions. Turns out, they attend my old high school ( Small world, even smaller town. ^^;; )! Anyhow, they were crushed when I told them my prices, which are out of their price range ( they are high school students after all ) .

Their crushed faces… I’m such a push over. So I suggested that if they were to tell me what they were looking for, perhaps I could draw it on my own time and they could buy the print when I'm done ( which I’d probably wouldn't charge them for, because cute. ^^;; ). They said that they would like a version of my Ariel & Megara print featuring Jasmine and Rapunzel instead because, as best friends, they have an inside joke about how they are Jasmine and Rapunzel ( and OMG they totally looked like them! So cute! ). If I thought I was a softie before, I was a freaking puddle of melted marshmallow after that. Oh my God, I'm definitely NOT charging them for a print. So... After spending WAY too long working on it ( like, months... ^^;; ), often drawing live at the market, here's the final print… Ta! Da! >> Deviantart <<

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