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Art W.I.P.: Chibi "I'm The One Who Gripped You Tight & Raised You From Perdition"

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

My wrists are much better, so I'm warming up by refining this chibi Destiel sketch before working on refining my LetsDrawSPN2 sketch.


Why are you so confused— Oh yeah! I never did mention this, did I? I’ll explain. ^_^;;

For the last couple of weeks my wrists were dead. Cubital tunnel syndrome in my left arm ( still there, but much better ) and inflamed tendons in both wrists ( I think they're all better ). I did have to the go-ahead to draw for a while now, but my wrists didn't feel well enough UNTIL today.

Can't beat Ravenno, though. I think she said she had sprained her wrist drawing!


Holy crap.

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