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Announcing 'How I Boarded the Ship' and Fic Recommendations

I'm going to try to start two new series of posts:

"How I Boarded the Ship" will be a series of little anecdotes about how I got into a fandom and/or ship. Feel free to send me asks if there’s a particular fandom and/or ship you'd like me to talk about. :D

You can find the first post here* and all future posts will be tagged #howiboardedtheship.

"Fan Fiction Recommendations" is pretty self-explanatory, I think. I'm going to build a library of all of my favorite fan fiction right here on my blog.

You can find the first post here and all future posts will be tagged #ficrec.


I would love feedback on how to improve these series ( format, tagging, what you'd like to see, etc. ).

I hope everyone enjoys! :D

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