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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Girl of Many Fandoms Recommendation CHECK LIST!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Have you ever wondered 'This weird girl recommends a LOT of movies and tv shows—not that I'm complaining—but WHY does she recommend the films and television shows that she does? Is it simply because she likes them? Or does she have a checklist of some sort? Is she even qualified to recommend film and television shows?' or something along those lines? Maybe?

The answers to those hypothetical questions you may or may not have asked yourself are—of course—'yes', 'yes' and a resounding 'HELL NO'. XD

But don't just take my word for it.


A Girl of many Fandoms' Film and Television Recommendations: CRITERIA LIST!

While I don't actually use a precise printed out checklist to evaluate media content, ticking off boxes as I watch a movie or a tv show, there are specific elements that I DO look for.

So I've taken the time to write down the mental checklist I casually but frequently refer to during a movie and television show for your viewing pleasure. :)

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