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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Girl of Many Fandoms is now on Patreon

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I am proud to announce that I have launched my own Patreon page.

Which I—of course!—encourage you to check it out at your leisure. :)


While this is the start of something new and exciting, unfortunately it also means that there will be changes to what is currently my primary social media outlet: my Facebook page.

Though I will continue to post announcements (convention dates, new projects, etc.), holiday themed posts and—of course!—newly completed art (albeit watermarked and one week after completion.), I will NO LONGER...

  1. the coupons for flash sales at my Redbubble store.

  2. NEW web graphics (and other non-art related goodies like personal recs, fandom “reviews”, fan fiction etc.).

As this is a significant and complex change, for both myself and for you, I humbly ask for your patience and understanding as I work out the kinks during a ONE MONTH adjustment period. I would really appreciate it. <3


"What is Patreon?"

Patreon (/ˈpeɪtriɒn/) is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons.


"Why Patreon?"

Firstly, I am here for FUNDING ( Why does anyone come here? ). I have problems supporting myself, much less my laborious quest to find carve myself a place in the art industry ( and this world in general ) so any and all help would be deeply appreciated.

All proceeds I raise via this Patreon account will go towards...​​​

  • the maintenance of my art supplies, such as my computer, my drawing tablet, digital file storage, web hosting and domain name for my website, etc.

  • ​compensation for the many MANY hours I spend on other duties required to share my creative works with the world such as administration ( ie. correspondence in person/e-mail/phone/etc, organizing the sale of custom artwork, etc. ), curating ( ie. uploading my works and organizing them to make them accessible ), marketing ( ie. formatting every individual work of writing five times—or more—over in order to cross post the material on different social media sites ), merchandising ( ie. custom formatting each illustration for each product made available via ​Redbubble ), etc.

Secondly, I'm here for FEEDBACK. I want to get to meet every one of you. What do you like about my art, what do you think I can do to improve? What themes do you like? What Fandoms do you like? Would you be interested in original work? What does my work say to you (am I getting my message across)?​​Ideally, I hope to create a community here. A safe space where so everyone can enjoy fiction in all of its forms: film, television, comic books, video games, anime and much much more!

Ideally, I hope to create a community here. A safe space where so everyone can enjoy fiction in all of its forms: film, television, comic books, video games, anime and much much more!


"Why Now?"

Allow me to thoroughly introduce myself: I am ​A GIRL OF MANY FANDOMS! ( but you can call me Mistina. )

  • ​I DRAW digital art featuring fictional characters or Pop culture icons and I often stylize characters in the 'chibi' art style ( but I try not to limit myself to it ).

  • I WRITE a variety of works ranging from random and silly personal thoughts, to ( fairly in depth, if I do say so myself ) personal observations of media, to detailed accounts of my adventures at geek conventions, to carefully crafted fan fiction.

  • I GIF but I also I make other assorted web graphics such as web icons, sequential screen captures, silly edits, transformative music videos, and more.

  • I SHARE my wealth of geek knowledge and I do my best to do so through positivity ( by recommending media content I enjoy, by writing my ongoing geek dictionary, by writing 'articles' regarding positive events to spread awareness, etc. ).

  • I SHARE—when I build up the courage—intimate insights to issues witch which I struggle. Both for myself and in the hopes that perhaps my own experiences could help others, maybe even help others avoid making the mistakes I've made.

​ALL OF THIS is a ONE woman show!

​That's right! I am but a single person with a wide range of interests and creative mediums.

​But I can't keep doing this alone.

So, I'm just a clinically depressed Canadian, aromantic, asexual, CIS gendered girl ( with social anxiety disorder ), standing in front of the internet, asking the users...

"Could you please help me continue to entertain you?"

I know that bad joke is bad ( and SUPER dated ) but I would truly appreciate any and all support in my endeavors. <3


"What do Patrons Get?" Well, this will change over time as I gain experience and refine my skills—of course—but at the moment my Patrons can receive one of the following subscription packages:

Tier 0: Friends of a Girl of Many Fandoms

1$ per month

1) Access to 'Patreon Only' feed:

  • Announcements ( upcoming conventions, new projects, etc. )

  • Film & Television Recommendations

  • Personal Anecdotes

  • Scans of pencil sketches & Screen Caps of works in progress.


Tier 1: Friends of a Girl and her Moose

3$ per month


2) Access to ALL coupon codes for my Redbubble Store

  • which largely consist of flash sales ranging from 20 to 25% off.

3) Link to my weekly Live Stream session

  • which will take place Fridays from 7PM to 9PM MDT/MST.

4) Access to an unwatermarked version of my older artwork.*

  • One will be released monthly.

* abuse of this privilege will result in the immediate retirement of this reward.

Tier 2: Friends of a Girl of Many Fandoms and her Moose and her Coyote

5$ per month


1) Links to every single spontaneous Live Stream session I have.

  • I will be streaming EVERY SINGLE time I draw, so long as technology permits.

2) Access to all NEW ART without the watermark.*

  • Artwork will be released upon completion.

3) Access to time lapse videos of my Live Stream Sessions.

*abuse of this privilege will result in the immediate retirement of this reward.


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