Commission Slots:


Digital Sketch & Color Illustration

(Digital Copy, Optional Hard Copy)


for Line Art
(per figure/critter/object)


for Line Art & Color
(per figure/critter/object)


You'll receive one custom digital illustration

as a .png and/or .jpg for miscellaneous use. You can also have an 8 inch x 10 inch hard copy printed by me for shipping or for pick up.

The custom illustration will be a caricature of one (or more) person/animal/object. Subjects can include, but are not limited to, family, friends, pets and pop culture icons. The caricature will be comprised of rough line work or rough line work with color flats.​

I will not sell or distribute this illustration

unless given written consent. However I reserve the right to post a watermarked

copy of the illustration in my galleries.

All commissions are for personal use only and are not for redistribution or resale. Promotional use is permitted so long as I am credited  for my work to my satisfaction.  I retain all copyrights on all images created.

I maintain the right to refuse requested content on grounds of sexually explicit imagery, violence/gore, or ideologically sensitive imagery. 

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