This scene left a profound impression on me when I first read it in my youth, I think I was in jr. high. In hindsight I think it's because it's very likely one of the first instances of uncensored minority representation I've experienced in media ( "Cousins"? Really, Sailor Moon dub? Incest somehow makes homosexuality okay for young viewers? Check yourselves. *eyeroll* ).

Also this was brilliantly executed.

At the time I didn't realize any of this but this scene still imprinted itself upon me. Also, despite the fact that I didn't, and probably never will, relate to the characters here and these feelings they're expressing I still found this scene beautiful at its core.

I saw this scene as an intimate exchange between two friends who, together, come to terms with their true feelings: feelings that were passionately misdirected by Sakura and feelings that might not have been heretofore acknowledged on a conscious level by Yukito. It is here, sharing these cathartic epiphanies, where their friendship becomes ironclad and they become platonic soul mates.




Yukito... I... I love you.

...I love you too, Sakura.

But... I'm not the one you love most, am I?


Well, you love your father, don't you?


And what about me?

...I love you too.

But is the feeling the same?

Is the love you feel for me kind of like the love you feel for your father?


It makes sense. I do look like Fujitaka, after all.

Don't worry... I'm not trying to talk you out of it because I think you're a child. I know you can think for yourself.

I know...

Did you always know, Yukito? About...

Yes. I could tell that you always loved me... Like family.

It made me happy.

And you knew the way I feel, because you have someone else you love the most too?

That's right.

Is it Toya?


My brother is always picking on people, but he really is nice.


Then again, he's shy about feelings. He'd rather pick on you again than get all mushy.

That's true.

But even though Toya is my best friend, I don't know how he feels about me.

I'm sure you're number one with him too.

*whispers* He gave all his power to Yue, after all.


You're so important to me. I'm so glad you feel that way about Toya!


But if he picks on you, just call me! I'll punish him good!

Thank you.

You'll find your number one someday too, Sakura.

And I'm sure they'll love you most of all.

If they make you cry, I'll beat the tar out of 'em!

...Thanks. :D

But when you find that person, let me know.

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