/kan-uh n/


A term used in fandom to describe factual information about a part of their fandom (character traits, plot details , etc) as verified by the original content.




the fans of a particular subject (ie. a celebrity, a sports team, a fictional series, etc.) regarded collectively as a community or subculture.


/hed kan-uh n/


A term used to describe one's particular idea/opinion about a part of their fandom (character traits, plot details , etc) that is either not verified or completed negated by the original content; but one believes and/or likes their idea/opinion so much that, to the fan, it may as well be canon (officially part of the original content).



  • noun

    short for 'relationship', this term is often used in fandom to describe a pair of subjects as a romantic and/or sexual couple.


  • verb

    to endorse a pair of subjects as a romantic and/or sexual couple.

    ie. "I ship Superman with Lois Lane."


  • related idioms

    • "This ship sails itself."

      this expression means that there's so much evidence within the original context and/or subtext that a ship is canon that even though it's not confirmed by the original content, it might as well be




 /jɑoʊi/, yah-oh-ee


Yaoi is a Japanese acronymn "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" which translates to "no climax, no point, no meaning." This expression began as a slur but eventually became the name of an entire genre, a long story for another time.

Nowadays, in North America, this acronym is slang used to describe
manga with very specific themes: The romantic and

very graphic sexual love between two men. (Boys Love is the term used for the non graphic version of the genre.)

All the geek definitions I've been writing for this website is now available in one place. Welcome to my geek dictionary.

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